No matter how many precautions we take, accidents do happen under varying circumstances. Injuries caused at the workplace can range from minor to major life-threatening injuries, even fatalities. A work injury lawyer is a specialist who can handle cases such as these. Work injuries refer to the injuries sustained at the workplace due to an accident or negligence of the employer. In this blog post, we explore what a workplace injury is and how can you claim it. injured on job - WORK INJURY LAWYER

When do you need a work injury lawyer?

Unfortunately, things do not always go as you have planned them. When you have to take extra time off work to heal, it is difficult to communicate with the insurance companies. Here are some conditions when having a lawyer by your side is worth the investment.
  • ► Denied claim:
This is one of the main reasons why work injury lawyers are important. Your claim can get denied due to several reasons. To prove your claim, you need expert legal help which only work injury lawyers can provide.
  • ► Pre-existing conditions:
The insurance company might deny the claim if you have pre-existing conditions that could be the cause instead. You might need a work injury lawyer to support your claim.
  • ► Other benefits:
If you are receiving any other government benefits in case of disabilities or other issues, your compensation might minimize the SSDI benefits. Work injury lawyers help you minimize your SSDI reductions and explain how they interact with the compensation most advantageously.
  • ► Third-party claims:
Another reason why you need a work injury lawyer is the third-party claim. It means that along with the employer, you may be able to have a claim against the third party. These claims are often complicated because they require proof that the other party was negligent.

Some common grounds for work injury claims:

You can claim your workplace injury if it resulted from the following reasons.
  • Slip or fall
  • Noxious environment
  • Assault
  • Improper training
  • Dangerous machinery
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Toxic substances
  • Negligence of employer

Some common types of workplace injuries:

These include;
  • Burn and scald injuries
  • Fatal injuries
  • Loss of sight
  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Amputations

Are you eligible to make a work accident claim?

If you feel that your employer failed to meet their responsibilities and negligence led you to be injured in an accident, you can claim the compensation by filing a work accident claim. However, the main thing to note here is that work accident claims are for people who suffer from a workplace injury. There might be certain circumstances where you might unintentionally contribute to your accident at work, you may still be able to claim the compensation if your employer is deemed to have been the main reason for your injury.

How can a work injury lawyer help you?

A work injury lawyer is focused on helping you rebuild your life and get back to doing what you were doing before the injury as far as possible. The legal expert will help you claim the injury and get the compensation you deserve. Moreover, a solicitor will represent your case legally and professionally and help you by all possible means to make your claim successful. One thing to do is to find an ‘experienced’ solicitor who is familiar with all procedures and whose expertise will make your case more strong and successful. Once you have found a solicitor, they can take up your case and their experience can make a tremendous difference to the success or failure of your claim.

How much compensation can you claim?

The compensation you are able to claim depends on what kind of injury you sustained. It varies based on several factors. These include how severe your accident at work is. Do you need time to recover? Who else is affected by your workplace injury? What damage has it caused you physically, psychologically, or financially. Having said that, it is never possible to calculate exactly how much compensation might be awarded.

What is the work injury claim time limit?

Generally, 3 years is the time limit within which you can file the claim. If you claim your injury after this time, your case may be considered time-barred and may not be entitled to any compensation. The 3-year deadline commences from the date that the accident occurred.

No win no fee:

No win no fee refers to the cases where the fees are only applicable if the victim wins the claim. If, on the other hand, the claim fails to become successful, the victim is not entitled to pay any money to the solicitor. It is burden-free for the victim who can claim the compensation without the fear of financial accountability.

How can we help you?

Our professionals, with their years of experience, will help you file a successful work injury claim. Our specialists work on a ‘no win no fee basis. Our team believes in putting the clients first. We are dedicated to helping you by all possible means to achieve the best results. Our team will be pleased to bridge the gap between you and a claims management firm to discuss your case and provide you professional help.

Here’s What to Do In Case You Want to File a Burn Injury Claim

Workplace environments are never 100% safe, which is why you must take precautionary steps while carrying out your tasks. You could be working at a packaging industry or maybe an office. Unfortunately, while carrying out your duties, one of the machineries blow up, and this leads to a fire. Accident at Workplace Your clothes catch fire and you suffer from second or even third-degree burns. You are immediately rushed to the hospital and forced to discontinue work for several weeks or months due to the constant pain and medical attention you require. This accident or incident can lead to various mental, physical and financial problems. This situation forces you to ask: What am I supposed to do in a stressful and painful situation like this? I can’t even move. This is where burn injury claims come into action. This writeup will inform readers of its importance as well as how to initiate the process for a burn injury claim. Read on to find out about some of the reasons behind filing a burn injury claim and the long-term implications of such injuries. The information will also give you some insight on the possible procedures of hiring a burn injury specialist solicitor or legal expert. burn injury solicitor or legal expert

Hiring A Legal Expert

Before hiring a legal expert, it is important to note that burn injury claims are only acceptable if someone else is at fault. Another key aspect of this claim is that it should be filed within the first 3 years of an accident or incident. An injury of this nature could be completely avoided if precautionary measures are taken by the responsible people. To hire a lawyer, you must approach law firms or legal experts in the field of burn injury claims. They usually provide free counselling sessions where they can analyze your situation.  if the case is genuine, they move forward to providing services. Solicitors have the legal obligation to sign a “No Win No Fee” contract. This contract states that legal experts involved in your case won’t get any fee if the case doesn’t go in your favor. However, clients will be liable to pay a certain percentage of the compensation in case they are successful in attaining the entitled money. Burn First Aid Facts

Reasons and Implications

Workers in factories could suffer from burn injuries due to insufficient equipment, lack of training, or negligence of any sort of safety measures by managers or executives. Lack of protective equipment could cause severe injuries that require medical attention. Some companies won’t provide the necessary finances, or they might even completely ignore your plead for help. The same is the case with explosions or accidents taking place in markets or even while driving a new car. These are some of the examples that could lead to burn injuries. It is important to understand the impacts of these factors in the long run. The injuries could inevitably lead to a serious decline in a victim’s physical and mental health as well as augmenting the financial pressures. Medical debt and loss of income can have a synergistic effect on your social life. You could lose family members and friends. Due to the extensive financial and health care burden you and your loved ones will have to deal with. This situation arises when you are unable to carry out your work. The best option for a safety net is to hire a burn injury solicitor. He will initiate the legal process. He also establishes a strong case in favor of your situation. A solid case will have impactful arguments that could help you receive the entitled compensation. Through a legal expert, you will be provided with a fair compensation. You will also get time to recover from the injury. Legal hearings can be extensive and exhaustive as you require evidence and documentation. In case you hire a lawyer, he or she will gather the necessary information for you. They will also have a better understanding of your situation. They can find stronger arguments to present after assessing the incident. All of these factors will surely play a significant role in how much compensation you receive. Burn Injuries Statistics

Final Thoughts

Burn injuries can lead to detrimental implications. Victims can face mental, physical and financial barriers on the road to their recovery. It can be a painful process when recovering from burn injuries. You could face 3 major types of burn injuries – first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree burns. From the negligence of someone else in regard to the precautionary steps that could have been taken to avoid the accident in the first place. Victims of burn injuries have the legal right to make a compensation claim for this sort of negligence. In this situation, it is crucial to hire a burn injury solicitor. With the reasoning and steps mentioned in the article, we hope you will be well-equipped to handle any burn injury related problem. You will consider a legal expert as your guide.