Common Mistakes Made by Clients for Serious Injury Claims

What Is A Serious Injury Claim?

Personal injury is a word used to describe an injury of the mind, body or emotion and it usually implies in any type of car accidents, Slip, Trip and falls. If you have suffered a serious injury, then you can make a claim known as personal injury claim to recover compensation. Below are some common mistakes that clients make while filing these types of serious injury claims.


After you suffer from an injury, it is important that you make sure you are safe and sound. The next step is to grab evidence. This could be done by getting information from anyone present during the incident or even getting their details to contact them later if needed. Most of us have smartphones so we should make sure to capture and record anything that might come in handy.

Full Medical Expertise:

When a person visits a doctor, they must remember that they themselves know the exact situation they went through during an injury so make sure to share all details and symptoms of the injury. Even if a person has gone to a General Practitioner, they must visit a medical expert. A Doctor may miss out on a question and the medical report that he/she will make will be helpful to the lawyer also while presenting the case. If a certain injury is not mentioned in the report, you may not receive compensation for it. medical expertise for serious injury claims discussion

Financial Records:

A financial record of any expenses made during an injury is an irritant, if not informed to the lawyer. If there was any loss of an item or you damaged something while the injury took place, make sure to inform the lawyer about all these expenses. This also includes small expenses like parking at a hospital, doctor appointments and checkups.

Settling Serious Injury Claims at the Right Time:

Many injuries that take place can be long lasting and if a person settles the claim early, they will only get the claim of what they have mentioned till that time. A good advice for this is to make sure you wait till all your examinations are carried out with complete recovery and reports. This will benefit you in getting the maximum compensation.

Choose a Law Firm Wisely:

When people are injured during a car accident, they directly try to use the law firm provided to them by their insurance without checking up on them. It is best for one to look around and get information on law firms before proceeding. Always make sure:
  1. Can you trust them?
  2. Are they situated near you for ease of commute?
  3. Are they qualified to be a solicitor?
  4. Where does the profit from the claim you make go to?
personal injury claim

Include any other basic inquiries.


Medical Evidence:

Without having medical evidence to back your injury details, a lawyer will find it difficult to support your case. It is necessary that you obtain all medical evidence and hand it to your lawyer to get the maximum benefit.

No Question is Unnecessary:

Asking questions is a healthy habit so do not feel hesitant while asking questions about what ever is happening. You have all the right to know every detail. Do not think your question might be silly or baseless. Personal injury law can be complicated at times so do your part and ask anything you have to for thorough knowledge on the subject. Try to stay as relevant as possible.

Talk to the Lawyer:

Keep your lawyer informed about your case and make sure they are updated on the situation. Do not assume they know your case completely without you informing them. At some time, one may feel the lawyer might have forgotten something, so go ahead and remind them. If your lawyer seems to be busy with many cases, you can always think again and hire another team of experts. Lawyers talking about serious injury claim of a client

Unqualified Advice:

After you suffer an injury and want to make a claim, everyone will be advising you their opinion. Do not let that weaken your case because you need a satisfactory answer. This could be from anyone whether it be a family member or a friend. The right person to approach is a solicitor because everyone’s claim is different. A qualified lawyer can value your claim so let that person be the one you get proper advice from.

Exaggerating Claims:

Do not start lying or being dishonest about your serious injury claims in greed to get more compensation. This may cause a temptation but do not let that get the best of you, you might end up losing what you are to receive or end up paying costs if proven dishonest.

Social Media:

A person has to be careful about what they post on their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) When a case is presented, a lawyer may use the posts you have made during the injury to verify a case. This could weaken a case, so it is always important to be careful about what you post on social media feeds and platforms.