Eligibility For Motorcycle Accident Claims

As the world is progressing, the population per unit area is also increasing. The growing number of urban populations has led to the rise of traffic congestion. Transportation today has been through a significant loop forward. Our society has changed drastically over the past years. Today, almost everyone needs some mode of transportation to cope up with their daily chores. The modes of daily transportation are cars, motorcycles, buses etc. They have revolutionised our way of transport. People who belong to the lower socioeconomic class tend to prefer motorcycles over cars as they live through a limited budget range. Though it has made our travel more sustainable and accessible, but cars and motorcycle accidents have drastic and fatal effects. No supervision and no check on the public transport are the main reasons of the accidents occurring today. Worn out road conditions, slippery surfaces, uneven balance of roads, dirt and debris cause countless motorcycle accidents because motorcycles have very little stability as compared to cars. Motorcycle accidents have fatal outcomes. The rapid mobility by motorcyclists is the cause of an increasing risk of major accidents and trauma. A remarkable increase has been observed in the motorcycle accident cases in the past few years. The trauma and injuries caused as a result of motorcycle accident consequences are much more serious than those caused by other vehicle accidents. The resources for dealing with drastic motorcycle traumas is the most challenging part for the families as well as the victims. At times, victims do not have enough financial and social security to overcome the loss. From faulty roads, rash driving, failure of the motorcycle parts and even a combination of all these leads to serious and often life-changing injuries.   Motorcycle Accident Claim  

What is a motorcycle accident claim?

Motorcycle accident claims tend to compensate the victims for the injuries and loss they have suffered in the aftermath of the incident.  People can claim compensation which will help them recover and provide an aid to get things back to normal. The expert legal teams investigate the root cause of the accident, check eligibility of victim and then handle the claim accordingly. The expert teams take into account physical as well as the psychological trauma one has suffered post accident. There are certain conditions that one has to meet before filing the claim. It means that there is a specific criterion one has to meet to claim the compensation of the occurrence. Before filing the claim, one must provide the related authorities with:
  • Complete evidence:

To make a successful claim, one must show clear evidence that the incident was caused by someone else, defending the fact that it was not a voluntary act. The evidences can be in the form of a damaged road surface, manufacturer’s design defect or even the vehicle if the accident was caused by one. If the accident was caused by any of these reasons and there is enough evidence provided, then the claim may be filed. Motorcycle accident claim

Who is eligible to make a motorcycle accident claim?

The following people are eligible:  

You can claim the motorcycle accident if the accident was caused by another driver, sudden knock out or if another vehicle collided with you.  

If the motorcycle accident was caused by inadequate road conditions such as less lighting, uneven surfaces, holes, or flooded parts, you can claim for motorcycle injury compensation.  

If the motorcycle accident was caused by faulty equipment, such as defect in helmet, design or mechanical failure, you can claim for motorcycle accident compensations.  

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident but you were not the one driving the motorcycle, even then you can claim the compensation as you got injured in a motorcycle accident.  

If you were injured while walking, you can claim for the compensation because any party who was injured in a motorcycle accident can make a motorcycle accident claim. To file a claim, there are a number of things that are needed:
  • Medical records:
The medical proof of injuries sustained from the accident provide an evidence for claiming compensation for the accident. This helps in defending your claim and getting compensation that is needed.
  • Details of the other party:
It is important to have details of the other party with which you had collided. The details may have number plates of vehicles, police statements or witnesses that can help you prove your evidence.
  • Report the accident as soon as possible:
To get the compensation, you should file the complaint as soon as possible. If you fail to report within 28 days, it will be very difficult to file the claim, and if you do, you will be interrogated for the delay you have made.