Serious Injury Help – Falls from Height Compensation

What’s in Store for Readers?

Height Compensation: while at work you or someone you might know may be facing a life-altering situation due to a fall from height. This traumatic experience may have led to fatal injuries and negative consequences. The negative consequences a victim might face can be extremely detrimental as there are serious implications for the physical and mental health as well as their financial standing. In order to make an informed decision, for getting the right help, you might have decided to do a bit of research on falls from height compensation which in turn has led you to find serious injury specialists. This write-up intends to answer some of the questions one might ask in case they are at loss for how to make a compensation claim. In the process, readers will be informed on the situations where the claim is applicable, what exactly are compensation claims, and why you need a legal expert for making these claims. Falls from Height Compensation

People That Could Suffer

It doesn’t matter where you are when you suffer from height injuries, however, the people most likely to suffer from height injuries are construction workers, window cleaners, shelf loaders and civil engineers. The accidents are usually caused by the neglect of safety measures by coworkers or employers. The equipment or tools used by the employees might be faulty – broken ladders and lack of safety railings. The platform used to carry out activities could be weak or unable to hold the weight of people. The surface might be slippery or damaged which in turn can cause you to fall down a flight of stairs or from high places. The weather conditions can impact the stability of ladders and instruments used at heights, so it is important for managers to assess certain factors before giving a task. In cases like these, the fault mainly lies at the manager’s end as the entire incident could have been avoided if the task was rescheduled or safety precautions were taken. By law, employers are responsible for making the right decisions and maintaining safety protocols when workers have to climb certain heights or complete tasks from high altitudes. Proper assessments should be done by employers with regards to the surface, equipment used, training of workers, and the other possible ways to carry out tasks with safety.

Implications of Falling

An injury due to falling from a height, in severe cases, could lead you to be permanently disabled or could lead to death. Some of the probable injuries are:
  • Broken bones
  • Injuries to the head that could lead to cognitive impairment,
  • A damaged spinal cord that can lead to chronic pain or muscle spasms
  • Internal organs bleeding
  • Paralysis
These are a few examples to help readers understand the impacts of falling from a height. Injuries of this type can lead to the inability of working or living a peaceful life. Apart from the physical pain one suffers, you will not only have to spend a hefty amount of money on medical treatment, but you’ll also require time and energy to recover. During the process of recovery, you will need bedrest and people to cater for you. You could face extra expenditures due to the shift in your lifestyle. It will also be a mental burden on you and the people around as they will have to take out the time to provide you with assistance. Relationships are highly affected in such circumstances as stress augments due to the injuries and financial pressures. However, you could be applicable to file a falls from height compensation claim that can act as a safety net. Falls from Height Compensation

Getting the Right Help for height compensation

An employee is entitled to file a fall from height compensation claim in case he or she falls from a height while at work and the accident was caused due to the neglect of someone else. Generally, a compensation claim has to be filed within the first 3 years of an accident. An in-depth medical checkup is necessary as there might be internal injuries that have gone unnoticed due to the adrenalin rush during the fall. Proper medical attention is not only key for your speedy recovery, but through professional medical advice, you will have a better assessment of your injuries that can be presented in court when filing a height compensation claim. Usually, firms and lawyers provide you with free consultation sessions as this allows them to analyze the severity of your case. They sign a “No Win No Fee” agreement where the lawyer doesn’t charge a fee until you receive the entitled amount. However, after receiving a fair compensation, you will be liable to pay an agreed upon percentage. It is important to note that a legal expert can play a crucial role in obtaining a fair compensation amount as he or she will be able to present a strong case. A specialist such as a lawyer becomes necessary because in most cases, you will be facing the insurance companies. This means you will be facing a panel of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers. Certain documentation is required for legal matters, and a lawyer will provide you with the right assistance by collecting the data, gathering witnesses, taking photographs of the incident, and establishing a solid case that can earn you the entitled compensation amount. Due to the injuries one might suffer from and the lengthy time taken to recover, you will be unable to carry out your work or spend time doing what you love with friends and family. This can have a serious impact to your mental and physical health. You will also suffer from financial losses due to the medical expenditure and your time off work. In this case, a lawyer will be the best option as he or she will handle the case in a professional manner and help you gain a financial buffer.