How Bus Accidents Are More Susceptible to Serious Injury

Bus accidents claims: Whenever you board a bus, you entrust your safety to the bus driver and the owner of the bus. Buses are considered safe generally, so some of them don’t even have seat belts for passengers. Unfortunately, as with any mode of transportation, buses aren’t immune to damage caused by accidents. Due to the lack of safety equipment such as airbags or seat belts for the passengers, bus accidents can result in potentially more serious injuries compared to a car accident. There are more victims as a result of a bus accident, which may be caused by a number of responsible parties. Bus Accidents claims Bus accident claims can be complicated due to the nature of the transportation. It’s advisable to have your claim represented by a bus accident lawyer to maximize your compensation. Most bus accident lawyers will not charge you anything and will take their compensation as a percentage of whatever compensation they help you achieve in the case of a successful claim.

Causes of Bus Accidents

As with other motor accidents, the most common cause of a bus accident is the negligence of any of the parties involved in the crash. Bus drivers have more blind spots due to the structure of the bus and may not see a nearby vehicle. Failure to abide by the common traffic laws and regulations may also result in a bus accident. Not all bus drivers abide by the traffic laws and that is likely to cause a crash. Driver fatigue is also a common cause of accidents. Bus drivers have to submit to long and demanding shifts which can significantly impact their performance. Negligent behavior such as driving while drunk is also very likely to result in a crash. Poor maintenance of the buses makes the vehicles more susceptible to mechanical errors that may cause an accident. Bus companies are legally required to maintain and service their vehicles but there may be instances in which they fail to do so. Along with these causes, poor road conditions can be hazardous for the bus and other vehicles too.

Common Injuries

Due to buses being larger than most vehicles, they do not have the safety measures and equipment other vehicles have, such as airbags and seat belts. This results in the passengers sustaining more injuries in the case of a crash. The injuries may include head and neck injuries, lacerations, spinal cord damage, burns, bone fractures and may even result in fatalities.

Who is liable for the damages?

In the case of a bus accident, a number of parties may be responsible for the crash. It is best to consult a bus accident lawyer that has a proven track record of dealing with public transportation cases to determine which party is the one responsible for the accident. Depending on the case, the potential entities that may be held responsible are the bus company, the driver, maintenance providers, and other drivers. There are a number of damages that you are entitled to receive compensation for. Your bus accident lawyer can help you fight for the maximum possible recovery amount for your claim. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be eligible to receive one or more of the following compensations:

Medical Compensation

The bus staff usually calls for medical assistance right after the crash. The costs of these are covered by the bus company. In the case of more severe injuries, you may be entitled to receive additional compensation such as medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Punitive Compensation

In the case of a legal offense committed by the bus company or the driver, your bus accident lawyer will help you seek punitive compensation by filing a case against the company or the driver for breaking the law.

Funeral and Burial Costs

In the unfortunate event of a death of a loved one caused due to a bus crash, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the funeral and burial costs. It is imperative that you consult a bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after the crash. Your lawyer will be able to process your claim swiftly after collecting relevant evidence. Our team and partner firms have professional and experienced bus accident lawyers who will help you with your claims. We offer a no-win, no-fee solution so you can rest assured that your claim will be dealt with utmost care and caution. Serious Injury Specialists is here to connect you with expert claims management partner firms that vow to assist anyone who has suffered loss in the form of serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents.