There has been a dramatic increase in the global population over the past ten years, which has led to an increase in transportation. Up until a few years back, most people used public transportation for their daily work, but today, a large population has either cars or bikes for themselves. This growing number has caused a sharp rise of traffic congestion.  Today, transportation has seen a significant loop forward. Though it has revolutionized our ways of living and made life relatively easy, it has also brought forth some drastic concerns that can be fatal. Driving is one of the most common forms of transportation used today as it is convenient and comfortable, but it has risks too. People do see the advantages and convenience, and that is understandable, but what they do not see is that they can lead themselves and others to fatal accidents. Thousands of road traffic accidents occur every year, many are minor, and many lives are lost too. ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT
  • Road Traffic Accident:

A road traffic accident, also known as a motor vehicle collision, car accident, or car crash, occurs when a car, motorbike or any transportation vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian or stationary obstruction such as poles or buildings. Road traffic accidents lead to injuries, deaths, property damage and financial aid to individuals or property involved.
  • Types of Road Traffic Accidents:

Road traffic accidents include rear-ends, rollovers, side collisions, head-ons, single car accidents, vehicle pileups, hit and run, failure to yield and chain reaction driving. Getting into these accidents can lead to many unwanted consequences and permanent losses. So why not avoid all the things that can lead to fatal accidents in the first place? Here, we would like to help you understand some of the most common causes of road traffic accidents to ensure you avoid these practices and stay safe while on the road.
  • Distracted driving:

Distracted driving is one of the most common factors contributing to road traffic accidents. These distractions can be of many kinds: food, drinks, mobile phones and even other passengers. Driving requires full attention and a focused mind. Taking your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds can put your life in danger.
  • Driving under influence of something:

You know driving after using drugs or alcohol is illegal. It is stated illegal for a genuine reason. Drugs can affect your concentration, coordination and control. They change the focus of your mind, and you won’t be able to recognize hazards. If you are under the influence, let a sober friend drive for you or use public transport.
  • Adverse weather conditions:

Driving in poor weather conditions can be very risky as the visibility is reduced and surfaces become slippery. Your tires might not have enough grip which can lead to an accident. In windstorms, your vehicle might get hit with objects on the road. It is better and safe to drive in favorable weather conditions otherwise it could cause you your life. ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT
  • Reckless driving:

Even if you are in an emergency, remember one thing, nothing is more important than your life and the lives of others. You have to decide what is better- being late or being dead. Over speeding might slow down your reaction time, which slows down your stopping time and leads to collision. If you suddenly apply brakes, you won’t have enough time to stop before you hit them. Be considerate and careful while being out on road.
  • Unsafe lane changes:

When you are habitual of overtaking without looking in the side mirrors, you will end up in a collision and nothing else. There are certain rules of the road that you should follow. Know that there are other vehicles on the road too. If you change the lane, look left and right before doing so to make sure it won’t result in an accident. Unsafe lane changes frequently result in road traffic accidents.
  • Improper turns:

Drivers often take abrupt turns without turning on the signals. The vehicles behind do not see any signal to slow down or give some space, and consequently collide with the turning car. There are lanes and signals designated to take turns, obey traffic rules, including, the proper right-of-way before you take a turn.
  • Tailgating:

At times, certain drivers can be inconsiderate, driving so close to another car that they cannot stop in time if the car in front of them applies brakes all of a sudden. Tailgating has resulted in many fatal car accidents.
  • Street racing:

Teenagers and adults, often glorified by movies, become involved in street racing – an underground culture of deadly car accidents. Turbo engines lead cars to very high speeds resulting in car accidents that are unlikely to yield any survivors.
  • Road rage:

Road rage results in many avoidable accidents every year. People become angry over another driver for one reason or another, then try to pull them over at very high speeds often resulting in deadly consequences.
  • Night driving:

Driving at night doubles the risk of car accidents than in daylight. Drivers face trouble seeing what is coming to them and do not know what to do to anticipate it. Due to this failure, they often collide with another vehicle or stationary objects.


  1. Be considerate and calm while driving
  2. Look left and right before taking turns
  3. Do not drive in poor weather
  4. Keep a normal driving speed
  5. Stay at a safe distance from others
  6. Do not race with others
  7. Keep your eyes on the road
  8. Follow traffic rules and safety regulations
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10 Cases Where You Might Need an Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents can be life altering for anyone. The physical and emotional trauma aside, filing insurance claims can be tedious as well. An auto accident lawyer can help you file for an insurance claim that would be monetarily beneficial for you. They work on contingent fee basis meaningF they get a share in whatever compensation you are awarded. The taxing documentation and evidence collection can be overwhelming for you, so this is where a lawyer would come in. Here are 10 cases where you might need an auto accident lawyer.  
  1. You are a beginner

Car accidents can leave you confused and disoriented. After a back and forth between the involved parties, filing a complaint afterwards can be confusing. A lawyer can help in filing a lawsuit keeping the limitations and statures in mind. There are different time limits under which one can file a claim. Your lawyer will make sure all necessary documentation and processes are done under that time limit.
  1. Long term and permanent disability injuries

Insurance companies do not exactly wear their hearts out on their sleeves to grant hefty compensations. Their judgment is based on three critical factors.
  • Future and past medical bills
  • Recovery period
  • Type of injury incurred
A lawyer will help better describe the gravity of your injuries to insurance companies. A skilled lawyer knows the intricacies of auto accident lawsuits and also how to avoid any loopholes in the process.
  1. Accepting Responsibility

Insurance complains are like a game of catch. Claims go back and forth between the company and the complainant. This process can tire out the filer and eventually the case can reach a settlement that does not suit the filer. A lawyer can help in keeping the discourse going until a settlement is reached that best suits the complainant.
  1. Refusal to pay

Insurance companies might not find your case eligible for compensation, or when the complainant does not properly fill out the necessary forms and documentation. A lawyer can help cross red tapes and set up a premise that could convince insurance companies to compensate you according to your needs.
  1. Getting the appropriate offer

Most people do not pursue their case because of the stress of prolonged legal formalities. They end up with compensations that barely cover damages. A lawyer makes sure you do not settle for the first offer given to you. The first offers given by insurance companies often suit their bills more than the complainant. Your attorney will help cross the red tape and get you the best compensation.
  1. You need ample and appropriate evidence

You need evidence to prove your case in front of insurance companies. Companies try to remove all sorts of possible evidence to shift the blame and wiggle out of a compensation. Your lawyer can use his connections in helping you gather all the evidence you need to solidify your case. Auto Accident Lawyer
  1. Getting proper guidance

Your lawyer can help you determine the gravity of your injuries and claim. Sometimes a claim does not even need to be filed and your lawyer can help you determine that. A good auto accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case and keep you updated throughout as well.
  1. The role of witnesses in your case

It is hard to retrace your witnesses after the accident. Some might even disappear or refuse to comment to avoid any legalities. A good lawyer can help track down witnesses. If the lawyer can track down witnesses who can give accurate descriptions of the accident, that precise and detailed description can make your case even stronger.
  1. Determine the necessities of filing a lawsuit

Your lawyer will help communicate with insurance companies. In the event of not reaching a settlement, your lawyer can advise you if it is necessary to take your claim to court or continue with a dialogue until an agreement is reached.
  1. Providing medical records and other statements

If you are to contest an serious injury specialist Claims Management Company, you will need to gather your medical records related to the injury caused by the accident. This includes medical bills, test results and prescriptions. It can be perplexing to keep track of your medical documentation especially while holding the circumstances in mind. Your lawyer will maintain all the important documentation and statements from concerned authorities, for example, a statement from your physician.  The documents would be collected, studied and analyzed systematically by your lawyer.

How Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Compensation Claim

Car Accident

A car accident lawyer is a legal practitioner that is specialized in civil cases related to car accidents. In a vast number of cases, car accident lawyers are also known as personal injury attorneys. First of all, you should know what a car accident lawyer does. Car accident lawyers will take up your case and help you if you have gotten into a car accident that was caused by you or if you have suffered from an accident caused by someone else. In case you have caused an accident, the car accident lawyer will represent you legally and make sure you are not exploited in terms of compensation. If you are the person who has suffered a car accident, the car accident lawyer will be there to represent you legally, fight for your rights and help you in getting the compensation that you deserve.   Car Accident Lawyers When you get in a car accident, your health suffers badly or mildly, you may lose possessions, your property may get damaged or your car may be destroyed. In either case, you will need a compensation that will help you overcome the loss you have suffered. Sometimes, it is not the material damage, you may suffer mentally or psychologically for which the compensation is given too.   Being involved in a car accident can cause serious discomfort, pain, loss and unforeseen expenses. Because of this, you have to make sure you contact the best and expert car accident lawyer so that he helps you win the case. You need to make sure that the lawyer is a specialist in car accidents so he will give you and your case undivided attention. Only a car accident specialist will have more experience dealing with complex medical and technical issues related to such traumatic events. Once a car accident lawyer is hired, the case still may not reach the court. This is because the lawyers may provide a reasonable settlement that is acceptable to both parties. Moreover, it saves you from the unfavorable settlements in court and extra expenses. If you are looking for such legal assistance, here are few important things you should know about car accident lawyers.

First consultation is generally free:

People that suffer in or cause a car accident usually do not see a car accident lawyer because they think they will have to provide a high amount to the lawyer to listen to their case. However, this does not always happen. It may vary from lawyer to lawyer, but most lawyers provide first consultation absolutely free of cost to get to know your case and decide if it’s worth it or not.

They will represent you and act on your behalf:

A car accident lawyer is well aware of how to take and run your case. He will know how to deal with the witnesses and medical, technical and legal professionals. They will do the talking on your behalf in many situations. You do not have to worry about the meetings and dialogues, the car accident lawyer will handle them. However, you must show up whenever you are required to do so.

A professional car accident lawyer will not guarantee you a win:

If a car accident lawyer guarantees you a win, that’s your cue to find another lawyer. The lawyer can only give you an opinion and tell you both pros and cons of the case. It cannot be determined before the court whether you will win the case or not. A good lawyer will never promise you the win beforehand.  

No win no fee:

Most of the car accident lawyers work on possibility bases. They collect the fee only if you win the case. Usually, they take 25% fee. This is set prior to when you decide to hire a car accident lawyer for representing you legally.  

You may face extra expenses:

Keeping in view the complexity of your case, the car accident lawyer might need to hire other professionals to work on your case and make it legally strong. If this happens, your lawyer will tell you before, and you will incur all these extra expenses in addition to the lawyers fee.    

Car accident lawyer must be licensed and experienced:

While choosing a car accident lawyer for your case, make sure that the one you choose is licensed, otherwise in the end all your money will be wasted, and the case could potentially be dropped. This is why you should do some research of the lawyer you will choose, so you get maximum compensation of your loss and not just another loss. If you have suffered a car accident and want to file a claim, you can get in contact with professional car accident lawyers online. Many sites offer these services. Serious Injury Specialists bring you a platform where you can get in touch with a lawyer and file your claim online. They carefully analyze your situation and make sure you get the maximum help that you need. Not only this, they will keep you updated with the work of your case from time to time. If you or a loved one are involved in an unfortunate accident, please do not hesitate and contact Serious Injury Specialists at your earliest. You will be provided with professional legal help that may assist you in recovering the loss suffered.