Why You Should Hire a Birth Injury Attorney

There is no doubt that childbirth can be a magical and fulfilling experience for a family. However, in some cases, the process itself can be an injurious experience for both the mother and child. There are a number of complications and cases of negligence that could occur, and unfortunately, these may result in birth injuries. A birth injury attorney can help your family in the event of an injury during childbirth. Infant Birth Trauma Birth injuries fall under the category of personal injuries, but they do not become apparent until after months or even years. Some birth injuries can render a child physically or mentally disable as well. Here we will discuss why and how you might need an attorney to handle your case.

Why do I need a Birth Injury Attorney?

Birth Injury Attorney Hiring an attorney is the first step of helping your child after the damage has been done. Birth injury attorneys help families pursue legal justice for injuries that could have been easily evaded. Incase of an injury a lawyer can help you with
  • Building a case against the doctors and nurses involved in the process
  • File the case in the appropriate court of law
  • Help receive financial compensation
  • Compilation of supporting evidence like appropriate documentation
Speaking of financial compensation, a good attorney can help win millions worth of compensatory money, and this can cover lifelong medical expenditures. When handling such cases on your own, it is sometimes difficult to win the settlement amount you truly deserve. The tedious legal process itself is a bit complex and drains the claimant, which ultimately ends in settling for an amount that is lower than expected or required. If you hire a good birth injury attorney, they can help you win the financial compensation you deserve. A heavy monetary compensation can help a family deal with unexpected expenses owing to the injury such as medications, mobility bills, surgery, therapy, rehabilitation and other expenses. Although attorneys take on all sorts of birth injury cases, most common types are cerebral palsy, Erb’s Palsy and brain damage. Since newborns are at a higher risk of developing brain anomalies during birth, hiring a lawyer for such cases is more common and justified. This is crucial because brain damage due to the medical staff’s negligence can lead to life altering complications like paralysis. Attorneys are not just restricted to these diseases only. Jaundice, infant hematoma, spinal cord injuries and kernicterus are only a few of the medical conditions covered by birth injury attorneys.

How to Hire a Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injury cases can be complicated. Considering the complexity of the case, it is advisable to hire a skilled professional. Start looking for a lawyer as soon as the baby has been diagnosed with a birth injury. Here is a step-by-step guide to hiring the right legal service for your birth injury claim.

1. Contact your nearest law firm

Many law firms offer free case evaluations so do not hesitate to contact one. There are time limitations as to when you can hire an attorney so it’s a good idea to keep this in mind. A seasoned attorney will sincerely guide you throughout the entire process.

2. Look into your attorney’s history

Owing to the complication of birth injury cases, a successful lawsuit can only be made possible if your attorney has a winning record. A successful attorney should be honest and transparent in his methodology.

3. Schedule a consultation

Once you have done your research on the legal factors, schedule a consultation with your attorney. The first consultations are mostly free of cost. This session can help clear any ambiguities regarding the legal process on both ends.

4. National Research

Most birth injury attorneys work for national law firms. This means they will be aware about the legal limitations such as the time limit for filing the case. Your attorney will assess the limitations in your case according to the state or province you are in.

5. Duration

A birth injury lawyer will work on your case with the agenda of wining the lawsuit. The duration of the case can last from a few months to several years.

6. Hiring Charges

Your attorney will not charge you any upfront fee. Birth injury lawyers get a share in the compensatory money that you win. The amount of compensation that you win depends on the case. The amount may vary on the case being filed, but there have been some cases where the complainant has won millions. In any case, your lawyer will work to help you win a promising compensation. If you are a victim to birth injury, our team at Serious Injury Specialists can help you in the process of filing your claim. As we partner with claims management firms, we can get you connected with the right legal experts to take on your case and help you win the compensation you deserve.